Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance

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What insurance plans are you associated with?
Allways Health Partners
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Fallon Community Health Plan
First Health
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Mass Health
Tufts Health Plan
United Health Care

What if SSAA does not participate in my insurance plan?
As a courtesy to you, we will file your claim. Not all insurance plans pay the same benefits or apply the same deductible; therefore there may be a balance due after the insurance company has paid SSAA. Since the insurance contract is an agreement between the patient and his/her insurance company, any unpaid balance will remain the responsibility of the patient.

Why did I receive two bills for anesthesia?
Every patient is charged professional services rendered by the doctors and CRNAs of SSAA. South Shore Hospital also bills each patient for anesthesia-related supplies and medications.

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