Intensive Care Unit

South Shore Anesthesia Associates has provided state of the art critical care services to the South Shore community for more than twenty years. SSAA intensivists (physicians with advanced training in caring for critically ill patients) provide consultation and/or direct care of ICU patients.

Dr. Samir Patel
South Shore Anesthesia Associates’ Samir K. Patel, MD (pictured left) serves as Chairman of South Shore Hospital’s Department of Critical Care Medicine which is responsible for staffing and clinical management of the Critical Care Units.

Our twenty-four hour per day coverage greatly exceeds the practices found in other small and large community hospitals. A recent study by the Leapfrog Group (a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying problems and proposing solutions to hospital systems that could ultimately harm patients) recommended that hospitals adopt their model to improve patient care in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). Specifically, they cited evidence that “at least one in ten patients who die every year in ICUs would have an increased chance to live if intensivists were present in the ICU and managing their care for at least eight hours per day.”

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