Pediatric Anesthesia

Anesthesiology plays a pivotal role in the treatment and recovery of pediatric patients.

SSAA anesthesiologists are experienced in all areas of pediatric patient care before, during, and after surgery or procedures. We also provide anesthesia services for other nonsurgical procedures (such as MRI or CAT scans). Our goal is the safety of our patients.

South Shore Hospital offers programs to help parents and patients learn about the pediatric surgical experience including tours of the day surgery center. These programs, along with the preoperative consultation with an anesthesiologist, help to alleviate fears and misconceptions for both children and their parents.

Parents are allowed to be with their child at all times prior to surgery. In most non-emergent cases, one parent may accompany his or her child to the operating room and may be present during the induction (start) of anesthesia. Once the child is asleep, the accompanying parent will be escorted to the waiting area. During surgery, parents are asked to remain in the waiting area. As soon as the surgeon indicates, parents may join their child in the recovery room.

Every child who is scheduled for surgery will meet with an SSAA anesthesiologist in the days or week prior to the scheduled procedure.

At that meeting, the parent or guardian will be informed about preoperative instructions. The most important of these is theĀ preoperative diet guidelines for the child. Please be aware that failure to follow these guidelines places the child at higher risk for intraoperative complications and therefore may lead to a delay or postponement for the scheduled surgery.

Please see the FAQ page if you need further information.


For further information regarding your child’s anesthetic, please consult the two links below. Keep in mind that practices vary from hospital to hospital and these sites contain general information and should not be relied upon for specific instruction. They are best used to prepare you and your child for his/her upcoming surgery.